1 Kanal House Grey Structure Construction Cost 2023

Grey Structure Construction Cost to Build a 1 Kanal House in Pakistan 2023

Constructing of a home is a difficult process. You’ll need careful preparation as well as a team of professionals to complete the procedure. It’s also crucial to know how much money will be spent on the development of your dream house when you begin. That’s why we’ve created a budget for you to help you manage your finances.1 Kanal House Grey Structure Construction Cost 2023

Grey Structure House Construction Cost 2023

An original house is a one-kanal, double-story home with a total covered area of 5,950 square feet. The Ground Floor Area contains 3,000 square feet of covered space, while the first storey has 2,700 square feet. It’s a 5-bedroom home with connected bathrooms and a powder room on each level, as well as a kitchen.

The website is dedicated to the cost of a one-kanal house in 2023. To calculate the total expense, we must first establish the cost of constructing a 1 kanal House Grey construction.1 Kanal House Grey Structure Construction Cost 2022

Construction Cost of Grey Structure of 1 Kanal House in 2023 :

Items Names Quantity  Rate/Cost (PKR)  
Excavation/Back FillingLumsum200000
Bricks, Sand, Crush, Rori    
Bricks Awwal  135,000  2430000
Sand Ravi  /Lawrencepur5,5 00  360000
Sand Chenab/Gazi for Plaster  2,400 150000
Crush Margalla4,000 560,000
Engineering Fill -  200000
Cement, Kassu & Rebar     
Cement2200 2300,000
Steel 60 Grade22 ton/,22000 kg  6000000
Kassu  -  100000
Labour  6000 3200000
Plumbing & Wiring    
Plumbing (Popular)  400000
Electrical Conduit 300000
Grills, Gate, Chougat    
Grills  350000
Gate  150,000
Chougat Steel  16 Gauge220,000
Other Expenditures    
Termite Spray (FMC Biflex)  lumsum80,000
UGWT lumsum300000
Total Cost    

The following construction materials are required to grey structure Construction of your house, i.e., the: Steel/rebar, bricks, cement, Electrical Conduit, Plumbing Pipes, sand, and gravel. Besides these building materials.

Neither of these activities, though, can be completed without the assistance of workers. As a result, we’ll start by talking about the labor expenses of building a one-kanal home in 2022.

1 Kanal House Labor Cost of Gray Structure:

The cost of labor is generally determined by the contract. If you hire workers through a contractor, they will most likely continue with the job from start to finish, and you won’t have to change laborers as frequently. Dealing directly with the contractor is usually beneficial to all parties concerned. One thing to keep in mind is that labor costs are determined by the amount of time necessary to complete the project. The cost of labor varies by city, but on average, employees charge up to PKR 400 per square foot. According to this estimate, the general labor cost of Gray structure for a 1 kanal house will be roughly PKR 2800000. Extra labor expenditures for tiles, woodwork, paint, and other items are not included in this labor cost.

1 Kanal House Bricks Cost

A total of 135,000 bricks are required for a 1 kanal home. It is suggested that you utilize bricks from the Awwal group. The Awwal category (First Class-A) brick costs 18.00 per brick. For a 1 kanal home, the total cost of the bricks will be PKR 2430,000.

1 Kanal House Sand Cost:

Sand is indeed an important building material. It’s generally found in riverbeds or by the ocean. If you want to build a 1 kanal house out of Ravi/Lawrencepur sand, you’ll need about 9000 cubic feet. In all, this will cost roughly PKR 360000.

Gravel and Crushing:

The basic construction of the flooring is made of crushed stone or gravel. Crushes can be divided into two categories. The first is Margalla crush, while the second is Sargodha crush. For the construction of a 1 kanal home, approximately 2500 cubic feet of Margalla crush is required.

Sargodha gravel is utilized for the floor. The grey framework of a 1 kanal home will take around 1500 cubic feet. Sargodha gravel would cost PKR 12,400 per cubic foot at a rate of PKR 72 per cubic foot. Rori will also be necessary, which would cost roughly PKR 90,000.

Engineering Fill:

Kassu is a mud and sand combination that must be used to cover and fill the vacant plot as a basis. Around PKR 200,000 worth of Kassu is required for the building of the grey structure of a 1 kanal home.

1 Kanal House Cement Cost:

 1 kanal home will require around 2200 bags of cement to construct. Several high-quality cement firms exist, including Flying Cement, Maple Leaf Cement, Bestway Cement, Lucky Cement, and others. On average, one cement bag costs roughly PKR 695. The overall cement cost, according to this estimate, will be roughly PKR 2300,000.

Steel (Rebar):

Rebar (steel) is another essential element in the construction of a home. Steel grade 60 is usually suggested. Around 22 tonnes of Steel (equivalent to 22000 kgs) are required for the building of a 1 kanal home. The entire cost will be roughly PKR 6,000000 at a rate of PKR 295,000 per tonne sarya.

Costs of plumbing and wiring:

A water supply, adequate drainage and sewerage system, and a gas supply system are all necessary components of any building project. All these significant changes will need plumbing work, which would cost roughly PKR 210,000 when labor and supplies are included in.

Aside from plumbing, the most important development in a house under construction is wiring. The cabling of a one-kanal home would cost roughly PKR 300,000, which includes all labor and supplies.

Costs of grilles, gates, and chougat steel:

Various stages of the building will need the use of steelwork. Chougat steel, for example, is used to make door frames. For a 1 kanal home, Chougat steel worth PKR 220,000 is required for all door frames.

Around PKR 350,000 will be required for security grilles and windows, while PKR 170,000 will be required for the main gate.

Added expenses:

It will be necessary to create an above tank. It would also entail the construction of concrete walls for a water storage tank, which will cost roughly PKR 350,000.

Aside from that, a pre-construction termite control treatment is necessary to avoid future termite infestation threats, which would cost roughly PKR 60,000.for Detail Quotation you can Consult our team

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