CDA Procedures related to Building & Estate Management

CDA Procedures related to Building & Estate Management. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad is in charge of all developments in the capital region in order to keep the city’s development uniform. While the CDA is the executive body in charge of dealing with other authorities for city building and maintenance in the capital territory, it is also the planning and coordinating authority. It’s critical for inhabitants of Islamabad who are buying or selling a home to familiarise themselves with the CDA’s processes for estate management and building control.

CDA Procedures related to Building & Estate Management

The goal of this blog is to make it easier for inhabitants of the capital city to learn about some of the most commonly utilized CDA procedures as well as the documentation needed for each procedure. So, let’s get started. CDA Procedures are related to Building & Estate Management.

Procedures of Cda For Building & Estate Management

On the CDA website, there are a variety of techniques that citizens of Islamabad have followed in the past. Changes in protocols can occur at any time without previous notification from CDA, so residents should check with them first.

The common procedures used by the residents are:

  • Approval of building plans
  • Issuance of completion certificate
  • Availing facilities at CDA hospital
  • Transferring plot/property
  • Mortgaging a property

Let’s take a deeper look at the requirements for each of these.

Approval of building plans

A building plan is a sketch that depicts how a structure or home will look once completed. Because the construction must adhere to certain of the authority’s laws and regulations, it is critical that the plan be approved by the CDA.

To complete the application for building plan approval, you’ll need the following documents.

Documents Required

  • Fill out Forms A1 and A2, as well as one copy of each of the six photocopies of architectural and structural designs.
  • The receipt of scrutiny charges, which are PKR 3 per square foot for residential and PKR 10 per square foot for commercial buildings, is verified by a letter from estate management.
  • A photocopy of the allottee’s, transferee’s, or attorney’s CNIC if they have been given the authority to act.
  • a copy of the letter of assignment or transfer that has been attested
  • a copy of the letter of possession
  • If applicable, an attested copy of the plot subdivision.
  • On PKR 30 stamp paper, the allottee’s indemnity bond is attested by a notary public.
  • Engineer’s certificate of soundness and stability

Issuance of completion certificate

The authority issues a completion certificate declaring that the construction on a plot is in accordance with the approved building plan and meets the authority’s development requirements.

The allottee or the person with power of attorney must sign the B1 and B2 forms in order for a completion certificate to be issued. Following the approval of the architectural directorate CDA, the approved architect and structural engineer are necessary.

Documents Required

  • Forms B1 and B2, as well as six copies of the complete plan, should be photocopied.
  • As per the case, CNIC copy of allottee, transferee, or the person who has power of attorney along with Estate Management dues clearance receipt.
  • Receipt from the Revenue Directorate of clearance of dues.
  • CDA scrutiny fee challan was paid according to approved building plan charges.
  • Non-residential plots must have proof of withholding tax.

Availing facilities at CDA hospital

The CDA Hospital offers free consultations to CDA employees and their families, as well as access to all of the hospital’s medical services. They must purchase a PKR 10 outdoor ticket for all outdoor consultations in all departments. All other inhabitants of Islamabad must pay for indoor consultations and diagnoses, as the facility is only for CDA employees.

Documents Required

  • CDA personnel and their dependents must provide their medical card or the employee’s computerized card at the payment counter.

Transfer Of Plot/Property

Both parties must fill out a transfer application for a plot or property, which must be attested by a first-class officer. The transfer fee must be paid by pay order, and the original allotment/transfer letter must be presented.

Documents Required

  • Receipt of the transfer fee
  • Original allotment letter or transfer letter
  • CNIC copy of the allottee, transferee, or attorney
  • CNIC copy of the officer who attested the application
  • Three signatures or thumb impressions of the allottee/transferee
  • Recent photographs of both parties
  • Indemnity bond on PKR 30 judicial stamp paper registered with the notary public or oath commissioner
  • NOC from the revenue department
  • NOC from Building Control Department of CDA for non-conforming use of property
  • CDA’s acceptance letter for an attorney with a signed affidavit by the attorney regarding the wellbeing of the allottee
  • Original agreement and letter of CDA (if executed) granting permission to mortgage the property
  • NOC from loan providing agency if applicable
  • If the allottee or transferee lives outside of Pakistan, a special power of attorney signed by the Pakistani Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate, as well as attested copies of passports and CNICs, will be required.
  • In the case of a female allottee, a blood relation will have to accompany her to document the proof of identity
  • An affidavit mandated by CDA and attested by notary public or oath commissioner, as well as countersignatures of the first-class magistrate, would be necessary if the plots have been allotted by CDA.
  • In the case of a person working with the Government of Pakistan, a NOC from their department will be required

Mortgaging a property

The property can be mortgaged, but you must first obtain permission and approval. There are only two days to complete the agreement and transfer deed, therefore documentation must be presented on time.

Documents Required

If the party wishes to mortgage a plot, they must first sign a contract with CDA.

  • A copy of the site plan provided by CDA
  • Application requesting permission to assign the property for mortgage addressed to Director Estate Management CDA

The following documents will be required if there is a construction on the property that has to be mortgaged:

  • The party will have to execute a Lease Deed or a Conveyance Deed with CDA
  • Signe stamp papers of value PKR 40

CDA provides a portal called ‘Ask CDA’ where you may submit your question by filling out an online form in order to gain additional information on the aforementioned issues or a different topic.

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