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Modern Kitchen Design in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Modern Kitchen Design in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The kitchen is the central hub and most vital section of every home, no matter how big or small it is. It not only brings your home together. A well-designed and well-kept kitchen breathes a new spirit into a house. Team Construction Point design various styles of modern kitchen designs and executed that are extremely popular these days in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Modern Kitchen Design in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

The kitchen design layouts are made up of several parts. The scale of the kitchen is determined by family size, user preferences, and functions; the design of the kitchen is determined by purpose, need, food, and equipment.

The method of mixing design, surfaces, equipment, and design features to create a cooking environment that is easy to use and enjoyable to cook and socialize in is known as effective kitchen design.

Why is it necessary to plan your kitchen’s design?

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of proper kitchen design. It is critical to design and arranges your kitchen in order to make it user-friendly for you and your family. This area is dedicated to storage, appliance access, appliance safety, and quick access to food storage, among other things.

Types of Kitchen Design:

  • One Wall Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • L-shape Kitchen
  • U-shape Kitchen
  • Peninsula Kitchen

One Wall Kitchen Design

This is commonly found in smaller spaces, such as apartment buildings or small single-family homes. The kitchen is basically between one wall and runs in a straight line. All of the appliances, cabinets, and worktops are installed along one wall in a single wall layout.

One Wall Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Design

These really are typically small kitchens in narrow rooms. The kitchen counters will be against two parallel walls.

Galley Kitchen

Modern L Shaped Kitchen Design

The L-shape is the most widely accepted type of kitchen design, particularly in open-plan designs, because it takes up little space and makes for quicker kitchen planning, offering you more area and flexibility.

It is a standard kitchen arrangement in both classic and modern kitchens. The kitchen countertops are arranged in an L configuration and are perpendicular to each other.

L-shape Kitchen

Modern U Shaped Kitchen Design

Its kitchen countertops create a U shape, covering three perpendicular walls. In certain circumstances, attempt to arrange two locations on one counter the sink and the range, for example, designate one entire wall as a storage wall if you need extra food storage capacity.

U-shape Kitchen

Peninsula Kitchen Design

Peninsula kitchens have more counter space, which makes it very easy to arrange the kitchen. If you prefer to entertain visitors while cooking, positioning the range on the peninsula is a fantastic option. Sinks are occasionally installed in the peninsula, but if you want to optimise the peninsula’s counter area for food preparation and eating, you may leave it open and empty.

Peninsula Kitchen

Which characteristics should a kitchen have?

If you want to design a fully practical and contemporary kitchen, you should start by considering what you will use your kitchen for. This info will enable you to create a personalized solution that meets your individual demands and requirements. There are specific elements that every kitchen should include to ensure good style, a modern appearance, and optimum usefulness and efficiency in some key hubs:

Plan for storage

One key to building a successful kitchen is to create a storage plan that takes into account how frequently you cook, entertain, and host events. First, evaluate what you presently have in your kitchen. Estimate the frequency of usage for your cookware, bakeware, kitchen equipment, storage containers, cutlery, knives, utensils, gadgets, and countertop appliances.

Identifying the most frequently used objects in a kitchen allows your modern kitchens to build specific ideas that help kitchens work much more efficiently. Get rid of whatever you don’t use.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting has a big influence on how your kitchen appears and functions. Lighting is just as essential as faucets, floors, sinks, equipment, and worktops. Layering your lighting helps to the kitchen utility as well as its aesthetic

Kitchen Equipment

Equipment should represent how you want to utilise the kitchen. If you host a lot of parties, you might want multiple ovens, a huge refrigerator, and perhaps two dishwashers. Compact appliances can conserve space while also improving function if space is limited.


Investing in high-quality, high-performance, statement-making countertops is a component of a well-designed kitchen. Countertops are utilised not just for food preparation and for cooking, dining, entertaining, spending valuable time together as a family. Countertops serve both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes, and they may make a modern kitchen.

What materials are used nowadays to construct a modern kitchen?

When it comes to designing, planning, selecting, and creating a completely functional kitchen with the proper materials, the contemporary kitchen has experienced significant innovation and a complete revolution. The top 5 materials used in the construction of modern kitchens.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel became popular previously and brought a modern flair to the kitchen. These are ideally suited for industrial kitchens where large-scale cooking is a frequent occurrence and they can withstand rigorous and severe handling. The stainless-steel cabinets are moisture-resistant, termites, and other spills, which might normally cause swelling or wrapping if constructed of another material. These are ideal for updating the kitchen and are available on a glossy, matte, or textured surface.

Stainless Steel Kitchen


Wood is commonly used for kitchen storage cabinets due to its low cost and ease of installation in order to brighten up the kitchen. It is the most popular material when it comes to going for a design with some historic flavour, as it has many textures and numerous colours to choose from according to the unique taste and aesthetics of the kitchen.

Without a question, hardwood is the greatest material for protecting cabinets from stains, dents, and scratches, but it is prone to wrapping and shrinking due to moisture and other dampness, which is a requirement in all kitchens. Hardwood cabinets, on the other hand, are less suggested due to their high cost and non-environmental friendliness.

Wood Kitchen

Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-Density Fiberboard is a composite material comprised of recycled fibre, wax, and resin that is cemented together under high pressure. Because it is heavier and denser than plywood, it is far more durable and lasts far longer. MDF does not expand, compress, or wrap when subjected to temperature variations or higher temperatures, as hardwood cabinets do.

Medium-Density Fiberboard Kitchen

Aluminum Composite Panels

There are generally flat panels made composed of two thin coil-coated aluminium plates joined to a robust non-aluminium core. Apart from insulation and signs, ACPs have found use in exterior cladding and facades. They come in a variety of colours, tints, textures, and finishes, including sand, wood, stone, and many more. They may be readily rotated, bent, folded and moulded into many shapes depending on the functionality and design. Because of their ability to mould and evolve, they were the preferred choice of architects, carpenters, and interior designers for usage throughout the kitchen.

Aluminum Composite Panels Kitchen


The cabinets do not use plywood as their primary material. They’re piled on wooden boards to improve the kitchen’s aesthetics, attractiveness, appeal, and adaptability. Plywood is made up of layers of wood that have been glued together and linked by heat and pressure. Because of their great strength-to-weight ratio, they are the preferred choice of carpenters. They are distinguished from hardwood by their resistance to drooping and dents, as well as their moisture resistance.

Plywood kitchen

Are you going to Design a new Kitchen or remodel your kitchen? Construction point has been delivering the best Modern kitchen design services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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