Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Registered Architects

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Registered Architects. Rawalpindi Development Body (RDA) is a Govt organization and authority that provides municipal and town services in Rawalpindi, a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) was founded in May 1989 to improve, develop, and implement the city’s growth plan.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Registered Architects

Rawalpindi Development Authority aims to be the city of Rawalpindi’s major planning, development, and upgrading authority. The Rawalpindi Development Authority’s (RDA) mission is to facilitate and enable the provision of acceptable and modern world-standard development works, facilities, activities, and benefits for residential and commercial outlets in Rawalpindi city.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority is extended across the Municipal Committee Rawalpindi (Except for the Cantonment Board) and 64 other Revenue Estates of Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi Development Authority has a 311-square-kilometre governed territory.

Rawalpindi Development Authority

Registered Architects in Rawalpindi

Approval of Building Plans of Residential/Commercial Project under the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Architects are very important for any Construction and in charge of design/ project planning, as well as the aesthetic look of structures and buildings. The knowledge and creative skills of an architect can deliver value well in excess of the fees we charge. We will help you achieve your aspirations and guide you through the design and construction process. You only get one go at a build and you (probably!) cannot afford to get it wrong, so investing in a good architect makes sense. An architect can advise you how to keep the project costs under control from concept to completion and occupation.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

We can provide a design tailored to your budget, reduce on site changes/costs by providing thorough construction information before building work starts, heading off problems by controlling the process, and ensuring you get the right finished article. Professionals who are registered PCATP called to as “architects.” People without Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) licenses cannot provide architectural services, they also cannot sign building Plans/documents.

When you are going to start your Project under the RDA/CDA jurisdiction then you must insure that person is registered Architect with RDA/CDA.

RDA Approved Architects List

  1. Mr. Mohsin Razzaq Mughal (Founder ArcoDesk Pakistan Islamabad/Rawalpindi)
  2. Mr. Farman Ullah Khan (Arch Notion Pvt. Ltd)
  3. Mst. Zubia Asad Amreena Asif
  4. Mst. Hadia Tariq
  5. Mst. Nadia Shaukat Awan
  6. Mst. Mehreen
  7. Mr. Syed Shah Nawaz
  8. Mr. Muhammad Tahir
  9. Mr. Azhar Muhammad Qureshi
  10. Mr. Syed Rehan Khalid
  11. Mst. Shanzah Hayat
  12. Mr. Hassam Zahir Shah
  13. Mr. Syed Junaid Iqbal
  14. Mr. Haleem Dad Khan
  15. Mst. Zobia Arif
  16. Mr. Adeel Shahzad
  17. Mr. Farooq Ahmed
  18. Mr. Jalees Ahmed Khan
  19. Mr. Muhammad Raza Ullah Khan
  20. Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed
  21. Mr. Khalid Khan Swati
  22. Mr. Raja Abbas Ahmed Khan
  23. Mr. Danish Ben
  24. Mr. Mubashar Ahmed Khan
  25. Mr. Falak Jamehr
  26. Mr. Ahsan
  27. Mst. Rweeda
  28. Mr. Humayun
  29. Mr. Abed Ullah Khan
  30. Mr. Hafiz Naseer
  31. Mr. Mohsin Munawar
  32. Mr. Muhammad Saqib Ali
  33. Mr. Syed Tanveer Ali Bokhari
  34. Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Malik Awan
  35. Mr. Kashif Ahmed
  36. Mr. Amir Mehmood
  37. Mr. Jamshaid Ahmed Khan
  38. Mr. Hamayun Khan
  39. Mst. Mehnaz Tabasum
  40. Mr. Waleed Ismail
  41. Mr. Sajjad Ali Qureshi
  42. Muhammad Rafi Qureshi.
  43. Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Riaz
  44. Mr. Faizan Tariq
  45. Mr. Muhammad Imran Anwar
  46. Mr. Muhammad Arshad Naeem
  47. Mr. Syed Karrar Kazim
  48. Mr. Shahid Hussain
  49. Mrs. Rabia Asghar Khan
  50. Mr. Ahmad Zaka Qureshi S
  51. Mr. Zeeshan Ali Shah S/o Syed Abdul Qayyum
  52. Mst. Rabia Atif Rehman
  53. Mr. Yasir Hussain
  54. Mr. Ukkasha Nauman Ehsan
  55. Mr. Asad Waheed Khan
  56. Mr. Muhammad Attique
  57. Mr. Rana Atif Rehman
  58. Mr. Javed Akhtar
  59. Mr. Omair Azir
  60. Mr. Qayyum Ullah
  61. Mr. Adil Badshah
  62. Mr. Muhammad Asif Nadeem
  63. Mr. Muhammad Makhdoom
  64. Mr. Raja Mazhar Hasnain
  65. Mr. Sheraz Mehmood
  66. Mr. Khalid Abdul Rehman Mian
  67. Mr. Pirzada Masroor Raza Siddiqiue
  68. Mr. Adeel Nawaz
  69. Mr. Jaffar Abbas

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