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Drawing Room Celling Design Ideas

1. What is Celling?

Celling Design

The ceiling is the above surface that covers the roof structure inside the room. It’s utilized to dress up the inside of a room or corridor’s roof. The choice of ceiling is influenced by a number of criteria, including the geographical location of the structure, the availability of materials, the cost of materials, and so on. Different types of ceilings are utilized in the construction of buildings. I’ll outline many types of ceilings used in building construction based on material parameters.

2. Drawing Room Celling Design:

Drawing Room Celling Design

The ceiling design is an excellent method to give the drawing room flair and attention. Decorative ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, and ceiling moldings, among other things, can provide pleasant proportions to the drawing room ceiling. Stretch ceilings, wood plank ceilings, ornamental ceiling lights, and steel ceilings may all give character to a drawing room. Use your imagination when it comes to ceiling design; there are many of options. The drawing room ceiling may be customized with lighting, paint colors, paper, and texture paint.

3. Drawing Room Celling Design Types:

3.1. Medallions on the Ceiling Design:

Medallions on the Ceiling

Chandeliers and lighting fixtures are highlighted with ceiling medallions. Warmth is added to the drawing room by a ceiling medallion with a glass chandelier. Crown molding is often enhanced by ceiling medallions. Medallions are available in a variety of patterns and styles, and can be painted in a complementary color.

3.2. Ceiling made of Steel:

Ceiling made of steel

With ceiling lights and shadow lights, a steel ceiling may be hung and affixed directly to the ceiling. In a drawing room, a suspended ceiling with ceiling lights or a shadow of light from the ceiling looks lovely.

3.3. Ceiling with Beamed Beams:

Ceiling with beamed beams

The load-bearing wooden beams are exposed on the inside of the home in a beamed ceiling, which is a classic form of ceiling.

3.4. Pop Ceiling Design:

Pop ceilings

Its ceiling moldings, and a medallion provide interest to the drawing room. Use your imagination when constructing a Pop ceiling; in small rooms with low ceilings, use a style with straight lines. With a large space, you could choose to go with coffered type ceiling designs in a tray ceiling with crown molding.

3.5. Ceiling Tray Design:

Tray Celling design

For a drawing room, a tray ceiling is a common choice. If your drawing room has a tray ceiling, add hanging pendant lights and molding with the tray ceiling to give it more flair. In a high ceiling, a chandelier in the center of a double tray ceiling looks fantastic.

3.6. Drop Ceiling Design:

Drop Ceiling

A false ceiling is a dropped ceiling suspended from the genuine ceiling by metal channels.

3.7. Domes Ceiling Design:

Dome Celling

Crown molding with ceiling lights provide a lovely ceiling design with the appearance of height in low ceilings. Using a ceiling dome to give the appearance of height is also a good idea. You could wish to paint the domes bright colors and put lights on them. Take a look at the brightly colored dome with illumination in the image below.

3.8. Glossy Celling Design:

Ceiling Glossy

A glass ceiling and a hanging lamp add interest to the drawing room.  Drawing room ceiling may be translucent.

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