Best Private and Government Hospitals in Islamabad

Best Private and Government Hospitals in Islamabad. Islamabad was recently added to the WHO‘s (World Health Organization) health city program. This is amazing! Pakistan has now been added to the list of the world’s 26 most renowned cities. This program includes all cities that are working to improve and develop their health infrastructure on a constant basis. This inclusion is a positive indication for Pakistanis because it suggests they will receive better medical care in the future. As a result, our average life expectancy and overall health will improve. Isn’t that a sigh of relief?

Best Private and Government Hospitals in Islamabad

Pakistan’s capital is just like the rest of the country’s cities. Not only does Islamabad have some of Pakistan’s best universities and institutions, but it also has some of the best hospitals. Some government and private hospitals offer patients medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Islamabad’s hospitals are well-equipped and prepared to deal with the region’s acute and chronic health challenges. Expert nutritionists may be found in some of Islamabad’s best fitness clubs. In Islamabad, diseases that demand a lot of attention can be cured quickly. These facilities provide treatment for health concerns such as dengue fever in addition to standard medical services.

List of Private and Government Hospitals in Islamabad

To save you the trouble of looking for a hospital in an emergency, We’ve created a list of government and private hospitals in Islamabad. Top Private and Government Hospitals in Islamabad.

Sr. # Hospitals Name Sector
1 Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Government
2 Federal Government Services Hospital Government
3 Capital Hospital (CDA Hospital) Government
4 National Institute of Health Government
5 Nuclear Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute (NORI) Government
6 Nescom Hospital Government
7 KRL Hospital Government
8 Shifa International Hospital Private
9 Ali Medical Centre Private
10 Maroof International Hospital Private
11 Kulsum International Hospital Private
12 Integrated Health Services Private
13 HS Children’s Medical Centre Private
14 Medicsi Private
15 Islamabad International Hospital & Research Center Private
16 Amanat Eye Hospital Private
17 Maxhealth Hospital Private
18 Family Health Hospital Private
19 Medcity International hospital Private
20 The Diabetes Centre Private
21 PAF hospital Semi-Government
22 PNS Hafeez Semi-Government
23 PAEC general hospital Semi-Government

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