House Construction in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

House Construction in Naval Anchorage Islamabad. Naval Anchorage Housing Society Located in zone V Islamabad, there is a Secure Housing Society under the Naval Administration, which is one of the nicest communities in Islamabad for Pakistan Naval Officers, their families and the General Public. Beautiful natural scenery and an environmentally friendly atmosphere surround the society. It’s a fantastic place to live and invest. As a result, rather than being a business enterprise, this Housing Scheme was established purely to provide a better living environment. As a result, the Housing Scheme has earned a reputation for comfort, natural beauty, safety, and a peaceful environment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Naval Anchorage Islamabad Map

House Construction in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

When you are going to Start House Construction then you must Select Professional Architect and the Best House Contractor for Your House. Important Documents FOR APPROVAL OF BUILDING PLAN in NAVAL ANCHORAGE ISLAMABAD.

The following documents have been required:

  1. Forms A-1, A-2 and A-3
  2. Allotment/ Transfer Letter (Attested Copy)
  3. Site Plan (Attested Copy)
  4. Owner CNIC (Attested Copy)
  5. Sound and Stability Certificate
  6. Plot Level Sheet
  7. Structural Drawing By CDA Registered Structural Engineer (06 Sets)
  8. Architectural Drawings By CDA Registered Architect (06 Sets)
  9. Fire Fighting Drawings (06 Sets) in commercial
  10. Demarcation Certificate (Form A)
  11. CD of Maps
  12. Soil Investigation Reports
  13. Stage wise inspection card
  14. Applicable Fees/Charges (As plot size)

Best House Construction Services in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Are you Looking Best Architect/Best House Contractor for your Project in Taj Residencia Islamabad?

if you are looking for the best construction firm to design/build your home then You should contact our dedicated Professional staff. Construction Point offers services that are affordable. As one of the most reputable contractors in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, we ensure that your new home will be of the best quality as well as finished to elegance.

What is Construction Point Islamabad?

Construction Point Islamabad is a renowned House Construction Company. Construction Point is a collaboration between Architects, Engineers, and Material Suppliers. This Platform provides you with a complete project solution. Construction Point provides the following services for our valuable clients.

  • Architecture Design
  • Gray Structure House Construction
  • Turnkey House Construction
  • Design-Build Services
  • Supervision Services
  • Real Estate Management
  • Material Procurement

Why We Choose Construction Point Islamabad?

Our construction team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals and engineers with a decade of experience. Every project is supervised by architects and engineers. Utilizing our technical knowledge and expertise, we work hard to deliver the elegant Construction Project you’ve planned. All design and construction services are available in one place. We work with highly specialised Architects, Engineers, and Skilled Labors/Traders in order to use a constructing team with the correct knowledge and experience. Construction Point focuses itself on doing high-quality work.

1 Kanal Beautiful Classical House Design

What is the Design & Build Solution of your Project?

Design & Build Solution is a perfect way of Construction of your Project. In this Package, we take your responsibilities for all Design and construction. You can get the following major benefits:

  • Design and Approval
  • Free Regular Site Visit of Architects/Engineers
  • A Free Project Supervision
  • Free Security Services during Construction
  • Quality Work Satisfactions
  • Regular Progress Report
  • Completion Services
  • Save Time and money

Where does Construction Point offer Construction Services?

Construction Point provides construction services around CDA Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The Construction Point provides construction services in CDA Sectors, Naval Anchorage, DHA Islamabad and Taj Residencia Islamabad. Construction Point also offers construction services in Park View City and Bahria Enclave, both in Islamabad.

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